Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

As servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is not only our privilege, but also our solemn duty to pray for the brethren and for those in need of anything from God. We can only pray according to the will of God (as it is set forth in his word); but we will be happy to pray for you if you have a need.

Remember that Jesus said that if two of us would agree as touching anything that we ask here on earth, it would be done for us by our Father in heaven! (Matthew 18:19)

So whatever it is that you need from God, you may freely share it with us, and we will believe God with you, and pray for you.

We are not in this battle alone. Prayer brings us together, and fortifies us, even as a stone wall does a city…

Prayer changes things.
Prayer breaks strongholds.
Prayer pleases the Lord.
Prayer brings victory.
And prayer strengthens the saints, individually and corporately.

So let us pray!

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