My Calling

by Brother Clinton | Dec 3, 1999 | Testimony


Here is the account of how the Lord called me, according as I wrote it down on December 3, 1999/5760:


December 3, 1999/5760
Year of our Lord

Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ: honour, laud, and majesty, is his forever.


I was in the Spirit on the sixth day of the week, on my knees praising Jesus my Lord, when by his Spirit he called me to stand before him. When I did, he told me he had ordained me a prophet to the nations, that I would speak to them all he would command me, that they would gather against me, but he would deliver me. Being in astonishment, I said unto him, Lord, if this is of thee, let it come upon thy servant as thou hast said: and if it is my own imagination, or of my own heart, let it fall to the earth. And I knelt again.

And again the Lord called me, and told me to arise before him, for he had not dismissed me to kneel. And I stood. And he said to me the second time: Behold, I have ordained thee a prophet to the nations; I have put my words in thy mouth. Thou shalt not be afraid of their faces; fear them not; for they will surely persecute thee, but I will be with thee to deliver thee. Thou shalt tell them all that I instruct thee, and I will keep thee until thou art finished. Then thou shalt come to me, and thy reward shall be great with me.

And I said, Lord, only to be within the gates of thy tabernacle is all I could ask of thee; for I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my LORD than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.  Nevertheless, with joy and thanksgiving I receive this commission at thy hand. Then I asked the Lord to give me remembrance of this word so I may write it down. And he did.
Nine days ago, the Lord called me to fast for five days. So I obeyed. During that time, I was crying out to him to be nearer to him, like Moses was; like Paul was. He said, Give me two more days. So, I did. On the seventh day at midnight, I broke the fast by taking communion, and for over a whole day felt far away from the Lord. I kept asking him if I had sinned; and to show me my sin so I could abhor it and repent and confess it before him. But there was no reply. Last night I taught a bible study on prayer, and I felt dry, as though I was all alone without him. But I wasn’t. I never was. The Lord is faithful! Hallelujah!

Lord, I give thee praise, honour, and glory, and I thank thee for hearing the voice of thy humble servant, and fulfilling thy precious, gracious promises to me. May all thy will be done in me according to thy good pleasure, and may I be used as thy express property however thy great name may be exalted and glorified.

Come soon, Lord Jesus.

Amen and so be it.

Herein is the burden and the vision I was given this day. May God bring it to pass by his power as it pleases him.