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Welcome to Sword of the Valiant!

This is a God-called work of a teacher/prophet, placed on the web for worldwide access, so that all nations can hear and be established in the true word of God. In the English language, the word of God is the King James Bible, and it is from that word (and in perfect accord with it), that the teachings and messages found here come. In these last days, the false teachings of the various denominations have all but obscured the TRUTH of the word of God; and it is the calling and mission of this ministry to cast down the imaginations of the denominations, clear away the smokescreens of the traditions of men, and wash the true bride of Christ Jesus with water by his pure word.

You will find here many things that go against the doctrines and traditions that we were taught to accept from our youth: but if you will seek the Lord in his word and in prayer, he will show you (if you belong to him) that the things which are offered to you freely on this site are indeed the truth of his word. From the beginning of the Bible (Genesis 3:24) to the end (Revelation 22:14), and all throughout, the Bible makes it clear that it is NOT the religious that shall inherit the kingdom of God, but the ones who obey his word! Sword of the Valiant is a ministry whose mission is to get the true word to the true saints, and prepare for the bridegroom his precious spotless bride, so that he may find her such as he desires (holy and undefiled) in the hour of his coming. May God bless you with the revelation of his word as you read and obey it with all your heart.


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Sword of the Valiant