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Epistles to the churches and teachings in English

Who is the Lord Jesus Christ (according to the Bible)?

Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour?

Rightly dividing the New Testament

About the Holy Ghost

New Testament baptism in 7 easy points

Marriage & divorce


Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy

Holy (Christian) Women

Head coverings in the Church of God

What is the Church of God really like?

Marriage Licenses for Christians

Who are The Jesuits?

A Plea to Pastors

Principles of the doctrine of Christ

Part 1-Repentance from dead works

Part 2-Faith toward God

Part 3-The doctrine of baptisms

Part 4-The laying on of hands

Part 5-Resurrection of the dead

Part 6-Eternal judgment

Is Christmas Christian?

What is The Mass?

Who is Lucifer?

What Is The Doctrine Of The Nicolaitanes?

How Do Christians Receive Healing?

Who Are the Sons of God in Genesis 6:4?

Plead The Blood?

Epistolas en Espanol





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