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Who Are The Jesuits?

     I'm so glad you asked...
     In these last days, which began about 2,000 years ago at the resurrection and ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ, many things have unfolded exactly as the scripture said they would, including the advent of the "dark ages", which began in the 5th century A.D. with the tyranny of the Roman Catholic Church, as the Roman Whore (Revelation 17:5) used her temporal power by means of the rulers of Rome to persecute and annihilate all that was truly Christian, to the point that, if God had allowed it, the light of the true gospel of Christ would have been completely extinguished. But as always, God faithfully spared a remnant of his true seed...
     But, as gross darkness came upon all the world (Isaiah 60:2) by the work of the Catholic Church, spreading her lies and pagan traditions like wildfire, and confiscating and burning the scriptures from all the people, there came the time that all the world was indeed covered with that very darkness; void of the light of the word of God, and filled with the abominable practices and superstitions of the Roman Whore, Mystery Babylon.
     Then, in the 16th century, when it was time for the truth to begin to emerge again according to the will of God Almighty (see the letter from Jesus to the angel of the church in Philadelphia--Revelation 3:7-13), God raised up men from within the false religious system who were not content in their spirits with the dead religious bread that they were being fed...and they got into the scriptures (which were then not in the language of the common people, and only available to those who were called priests and bishops), and began to discover the truth of the gospel of Christ, and subsequently to lead others into that truth. Thence came Luther, Huss, Zwingli, Calvin, Knox, and a host of others, who, each according to his own dispensation and revelation from God, brought the people a bit more into the truth of the gospel, and more and more people were beginning to see the error and tyranny of the Roman Whore, and coming out of her to worship God according to the truth of his own word.
     Needless to say this angered the Devil's Church to no end; and he sent her to persecute them with great fury. He burned them at the stake, hanged them up and cut out their bowels, fed them to the hogs, ripped up their women and fed their unborn babies to the dogs, sewed them up in sacks with snakes and scorpions and so drowned them in lakes and rivers, had them drawn and quartered, and in various other devilish and unconscionable ways put them to death. But still they multiplied and grew, as more and more were added to the faith of Christ all the time. So, that wily and bloody Whore of Rome came up with a plan, and created, under the headship of the papacy, a militant organization which would be formed with the intent of counteracting this "protestant reformation" by stealth...
     And so, in the year of our Lord 1540, the "Society of Jesus" was founded by Ignatius Loyola, 

(After whom was named Loyola University, and after whom are patterned the curricula of most of the prominent colleges and universities of the modern world---this is also the origin of the many colleges, universities, and theological seminaries today, which are designed by the Jesuits to crank out deceived and lying pastors and teachers, and send them into the churches to spread their deception to those who believe on Jesus Christ, for the purpose of causing them to depart from the truth which will set them free, and come under the darkness of the papacy and its doctrines of devils!) 

     ...for the purpose of destroying the protestant movement, and to bring these "rebels and infidels" back under the headship of "Mother Church" by whatever means necessary.

     Today there are almost 20,000 Jesuits serving the Roman Church in 112 nations on six continents.
     Just as the Roman Catholic Church is as far from true Christianity as the east is from the west, so it is that the Jesuits are the very enemies of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of his word. these men and women are sworn with an oath to destroy and annihilate all that is good, true, and right in the churches of Christ, and by whatever means possible, bring those Christians back into the darkness of the Roman Whore, the Catholic Church. 

     Here is the text of the Extreme Jesuit oath (You can find this yourself...just google it and you will find it readily available for your reviewing):

     The article below was taken from the book Subterranean Rome by Charles Didier, translated from the French and published in New York in 1843. Dr. Alberto Rivera escaped from the Jesuit Order in 1967, and he describes his Jesuit oath in exactly the same way as it appears in this book. After reading this, ask yourself the question: Is this REALLY the church of Jesus Christ???
"When a Jesuit of the minor rank is to be elevated to command, he is conducted into the Chapel of the Convent of the Order, where there are only three others present, the principal or Superior standing in front of the altar. On either side stands a monk, one of whom holds a banner of yellow and white, which are the Papal colors, and the other a black banner with a dagger and red cross above a skull and crossbones, with the word INRI, and below them the words IUSTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOS. The meaning of which is: It is just to exterminate or annihilate impious or heretical Kings, Governments, or Rulers. Upon the floor is a red cross at which the postulant or candidate kneels. The Superior hands him a small black crucifix, which he takes in his left hand and presses to his heart, and the Superior at the same time presents to him a dagger, which he grasps by the blade and holds the point against his heart, the Superior still holding it by the hilt, and thus addresses the postulant:"
     Superior speaks:
     My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler: among Roman Catholics to be a Roman Catholic, and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to believe no man, to trust no man. Among the Reformers, to be a reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among other Protestants, generally to be a Protestant, and obtaining their confidence, to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our Holy Religion and the Pope; and even to descend so low as to become a Jew among Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your Order as a faithful soldier of the Pope.

     You have been taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace. To take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means.

     You have been taught your duty as a spy, to gather all statistics, facts and information in your power from every source; to ingratiate yourself into the confidence of the family circle of Protestants and heretics of every class and character, as well as that of the merchant, the banker, the lawyer, among the schools and universities, in parliaments and legislatures, and the judiciaries and councils of state, and to be all things to all men, for the Pope's sake, whose servants we are unto death.

      You have received all your instructions heretofore as a novice, a neophyte, and have served as co-adjurer, confessor and priest, but you have not yet been invested with all that is necessary to command in the Army of Loyola in the service of the Pope. You must serve the proper time as the instrument and executioner as directed by your superiors; for none can command here who has not consecrated his labors with the blood of the heretic; for "without the shedding of blood no man can be saved." Therefore, to fit yourself for your work and make your own salvation sure, you will, in addition to your former oath of obedience to your order and allegiance to the Pope, repeat after me---


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